Volunteer Opportunities

Provincial Opportunities

Volunteer members in Québec who are interested in contributing to provincial operations and having their say on elements of Guiding about which they are particularly passionate are invited to keep an eye on this page for available leadership positions.

Positions Currently Available:

Adviser positions have opportunities for a co- or deputy. Don't hesitate to reach out if you're interested in learning more even if someone already holds the position.

For position descriptions click here.
For details on how to apply for one of these positions, contact the 
Nominating Committee.

District Opportunities

Volunteer Members interested in taking a leadership role within their district are invited to contact their District Commissioner to learn more about what opportunities could be available. An example of common roles within districts are:

Camping Enthusiast
Public Relations Liaison
Screening Specialist
Cookie Manager

...and many more! Contact your District Commissioner today!

Not yet a member? Join us  and take part in the stimulating opportunities available to our adult members today!

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