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-          I’d like to recognize a fellow Guider for the work she does. What types of awards can I nominate her for?


  • Visit the Awards page of our website and download the full Québec Awards Booklet for descriptions of the different awards. If you’re looking for a less formal way to salute a Guider, you can give her a ‘Tip of the Hat’. To do so, email our Awards Specialist at qc-awards-prix@guidescanada.ca with the Guider’s name, mailing address, your name, and a short yet detailed description of why she is special.


Camp Wa-Thik-Ane

-          We’d like to reserve a site at Wa-Thik-Ane. Where do we start?


  • On the Camp Wa-Thik-Ane page of the QC website you’ll find a ‘General Information’ document to help you decide on a site, along with the rate sheet and reservation form. Remember, a 25% non-refundable deposit is required to confirm your booking.
  • Reservations for a given calendar year will generally open on the first working day of January of that year. Email qc-info@guidescanada.ca for any questions related to the reservation process.



 -          What is campership and how does one apply for it?


  • Campership is financial assistance provided by Québec Council specifically awarded to Girl Members to help cover camp fees. Application forms are available on the ‘Québec Forms’ page of the GGC-QC website.


 -          I’d like to submit an item for The Piccolo, Guide-Info or the website. How do I go about it?


  • Send an email to qc-communications@guidescanada.ca  We’ll advise on the best place for your news. The deadline for submissions to Guide-Info is the prior Friday..  Submission guidelines are available if you’re unsure of the best format in which to send in the material.


-          What’s the difference between the website and the blog?


  • The blog is a place for us to share stories about Guiding across Québec. It’s a place to share photos and ideas, and to see what other Units across the province are up to! The website is an information hub for more practical information where you can find various resources, forms and event information.


-          I’m organizing an event – can the provincial office send out a mass email?


  • Send us an email at qc-communications@guidescanada.ca and we’ll help determine the best way to get the word out, whether it’s via social media, The Piccolo, Guide-Info or a mass email to a targeted group. Be sure to include details such as the date, time, location and who’s invited!



 -          What contracts need to be signed by the Provincial Office and who do we send what?


  • All contracts, for meeting space, sleepover locations, camp locations, etc. must be signed by the PC or her deputy with no exceptions. The agreement should include a summary of terms and conditions. GGC also requires proof of liability insurance in order to sign contracts. For facilities or service providers not regularly used by GGC, please request a copy of their general liability insurance (certificate or summary of policy) at the time the contract or rental agreement is negotiated. (The provincial office will then keep a copy for future reference.) Paperwork should be sent as early as possible to qc-admin@guidescanada.ca.



 -          How do we order Québec Cookie Ribbons?


  • At this time we are not offering the Cookie Ribbons program. Please also note that National has suspended the All Stars program for now, as well.

-          Some of the cookie cases/boxes we received were damaged. What do we do?


  • If any of your cases are damaged, please send an email to ckhelp@girlguides.ca confirming the following details:
    Unit Name / Unit iMIS #
    Delivery Address / Date of Delivery
    Tracking ID #
    Photo of Damaged Cookies


GGC-QC Merchandise

 -          We’d like to design a District crest. Are there guidelines to follow?


  • If you’d like to use the GGC logo, the design must receive provincial approval. Take a look at the Brand Standards  on Member Zone for details.
  • Send your design to qc-communications@guidescanada.ca for Council approval at least a month before production to ensure enough time for approval or suggested modifications.


-          We’d like to purchase some Québec patches or crests to bring on a trip as swaps. What’s available to buy?




 -          What is iMIS and what does it have to do with me?


  • iMIS is a database that includes information about all volunteers, girls, their activity records, Unit and district details, and more! All members and non-member volunteers have an iMIS identification number and a personal profile that are often necessary to reference for administrative purposes.
  • From swim test results to contact details to awards received and positions held - it’s essential that everyone’s iMIS record be kept up to date. This way her Guiding history will be complete should she be applying for a scholarship or any other opportunity.
  • Send all updates and inquiries to qc-admin@guidescanada.ca


-          I’ve just taken my Unit on a camping trip and would like to add the activity to the Girls’ and Guiders’ membership profiles. How do I do this?


  • Send a list of your event participants to qc-admin@guidescanada.ca. Be sure to include their full names and iMIS numbers, as well as their roles where applicable – i.e. First Aider, Responsible Guider… Don’t forget to let us know where and when the event took place!


Membership Assistance

 -          Who is eligible and how does one apply?


  • Provincial financial assistance is available to girls and women who require it, though resources are limited, so assistance may not cover the full cost of membership and registration fees. Details can be found on the application forms (available on the Québec Forms page of the QC website).

Membership Growth

 -          We’re planning a local recruitment event. Are there items available to loan from the provincial office? What PR material is available?


- Adult and girl recruitment brochures
- Adult and girl recruitment posters
- Tattoos, stickers and magnets
- Bookmarks
- Cards
- Free meeting passes
- Cookie posters
- Banners
- Pop-up tent
- Feather Flag

  • Images, ads and clip art are available on the Brand Centre


-          What are some other recruitment tools that we can use?


  • Visit the PR page of our website for a list of resources including tips for organizing a recruitment event, information request cards, letter templates and parent engagement tools.


Provincial Office

 -          How can I contact someone at the provincial office?


  • Click Contact Us in the bottom right corner of our QC website to download a full Provincial Contact List.
  • If you cannot find the details of the person you’re trying to reach on our Provincial Contact List or do not know who you should write to, send an email to qc-info@guidescanada.ca so we can put you in touch with the right person. By sending an email instead of phoning, your query will be easier to track and respond to. The office is open from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm and can be reached at 514-933-5839 (9-3:30 on Fridays in July and August).


Québec Programming

 -          We’ve just completed a provincial challenge. How do we order our crests?

  • Fill out an order from (available on the Shop page of the QC website).

Safe Guide Assessments

 -          Where do we send our SG.3 forms for approval?


  • Send your SG.3 forms, along with an SG.1 - including a schedule of activities, SG.4 and SG.5 as applicable, to qc-sg-gs@guidescanada.ca.  Remember to submit them at least two weeks before your event to ensure enough time for our team of Assessors to complete the required paperwork. Be sure to use the latest forms, available on the national website.
  • For independent trips outside of Canada or for major trips within Canada, contact the Provincial Travel Adviser – qc-international@guidescanada.ca for assistance in reviewing all required steps prior to submitting your Safe Guide documents. (There is a completely different timeline for these trips.)


 -          How and when are receipts sent to parents/guardians?


  • When girls are registered online: The registration confirmation email is immediately sent to the family email address upon registration 
  • When girls are registered by paper: Parents/guardians can request a receipt from the provincial office. 


Transitioning Members (TMBR)

 -          I have a Ranger who will be turning 18 and would like to become an adult member. What steps do we need to take?


  • A TMBR must undergo the full adult screening process, i.e. An A.1 must be filled out, a PRC processed and all items on the S.1 must be completed, with the exception of the interview and reference checks.
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