Training Opportunities

The Québec Training Team is committed to supporting you in your volunteer position. Whether you’re a new Unit Guider, a District Commissioner, or an experienced Adviser, our trainers are dedicated to helping you develop your skills and competencies in many areas and in different formats that best suit your interests and needs.

Upcoming Training Opportunities

The New Guider Learning Path

The New Guider Learning Path is a series of five courses that ensure Guiders feel confident and prepared to lead their units. All Guiders are required to complete these five courses within their first six months of joining Girl Guides of Canada.

Guiders will learn about the girl program, the girl-driven approach to Guiding and the components of a safe, inclusive environment. Also included are engagement strategies and branch traditions that enable Guiders to deliver meaningful girl experiences. The courses are interactive and engaging and reflect what Guiders have told us they most need to know.

Guiders can choose to complete these courses via in-person training or online e-courses:

1. The Girl Program

2. Building Unit Guider Skills

3. Safe & Inclusive Space

4. Safe Guide

5. All About the Branch

Sisterhood is what makes Guiding a unique volunteer experience.

To find out about specific training sessions available in your local Guiding community, read the latest Guide Post, or contact your District Commissioner or Training Adviser (

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