Cookie Jar for Guiders

Everything you need to know to plan, manage and achieve great results with your cookie-selling activities throughout the Guiding year. Plus, you’ll find fun and useful tools and resources that you can use for cookie campaign success!

Important Links - Units
Key Dates: Year-at-a-Glance Calendar - All cookie dates for 2020 have been suspended. Please see the COVID-19 FAQs on Member Zone for details.
10 Important Cookie Facts That All Guiders Must Know
Unit Distribution Form – Please print before distributing cookies
Tiered Cookie Sales Incentive Program - FAQ
Proposed Delivery Schedule (Current Campaign)

Surplus Cookie Request Forms

  2. FALL

Important Links – Cookie Receivers
Cookie Receiver Handbook
Helpful Hints from Fellow Receivers
Cookie Receiver Campaign Checklist
Request for Cookie Delivery Location Letter Template
Delivery Guidelines for Girl Guide Cookies 
What a cookie delivery actually looks like

Cookie Ordering Website – (Member Zone Password Required)
Cookie Order Calculator
Cookie Ordering - Unit Tip Sheet
LONES Ordering Tip Sheet

Freshness Guarantee and Sell-by dates
Case Codes
Sell-By Date - How to determine – Calculator
Early Sell-By Date Tip Sheet
Manufacturing Dates

Cookie Finances
Cookie Money Best Practices
Cookie Trouble Tip Sheet
Invoicing and Payment Tip Sheet
Unsold Cookies - Tip Sheet
Online Cookie Payment Tip Sheet - For Parents
Cookie Price Resource
Parent Not Paid Process 

Cookie All Stars
Cookie All-Stars Ordering Site – (Memberzone login required)
Cookie All-Stars Tip Sheet
National Cookie All Stars resources (MemberZone login required)

Group Sales
Planning a Group Sale - Tip Sheet
Group Sales Crests
Corporate Cookie Sales Tip Sheet
Fun Cookie Selling Ideas
Planning a Group Sale - INS.02 Form (Member Zone Login Required)
Planning a Group Sale - Contract Documentation Submission Form
Planning a Group Sale - Cookie Selling Letter Request Form
Selling Locations Tip Sheet

Unit Distribution Form – Please print before distributing cookies
Cookie Agreement – Large Cookie Orders (to be completed by parent/ward)
Cookie Agreement - LONES (to be completed by parent/ ward)
Cookie Pre-Order Form
Looking to Transfer - Cookie Request Form
Missing/ Damage Cookie Box Reporting Form for Units
Cookie Finder Map - Sales Event Form - (Adding cookie selling event)
Cookie Days in Canada – Booking Site (Member Zone Login Required)

Tip Sheets and Resources
Cookie Campaign Checklist
Cookie Finder Map Tip Sheet
Cookie Invasions
Cookie Selling Tips - for Girls
Cookie Selling Tips - for Parents
Cookie Selling Tips - from Guiders
Fundraising Comparison Tip Sheet
Persuasive Cookie Selling
Pick Up, Storage and Distribution Tip Sheet
Safety Tip Sheet
Surplus Cookies - How to request
Surplus Distribution Form – How to Complete
The Great Cookie Caper Wide Game Canada 150 Event
Unit to Unit Transfer Tip Sheet

National - Girl Guides Cookies FAQ
National - Cookie Ordering Manual (Member Zone Login Required)
National - Cookie All Stars Summary Page (Member Zone Login Required)
National - Cookie All Star Ordering Manual (Member Zone Login Required)
National - Cookie Days in Canada (Member Zone Login Required)
National - Cookie Sales and Marketing Page (Member Zone Login Required)
National - Digital Cookie Tools (Member Zone Login Required)
National - Cookie History (Member Zone Login Required)

Cookie Contacts
For general cookie questions or concerns about upcoming campaigns, volunteering and updates please contact: Cookie Adviser at, 1-877-323-4545 x 6804.

For logistical campaign questions and tips, potential selling events, surplus cookies, process for parent not paid and questions about ordering and invoicing, please contact: Cookie Administrative Assistant at, 1-877-323-4545 x 2441.

For logistical campaign questions or concerns about scheduled deliveries, cookie finances, parent processes, policies, key dates and any other issues, please contact Cookie Coordinator at, 1-877-323-4545 x 2440.

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