NS Admin Process

Have a question about the Screening Process, PRC Renewal Process,
Link or Lone Registration Process or other administrative processes
and deadlines we follow in Guiding the check out the section below
for information on how these, and many more are administered in NS.

Delinquent Money Process
Donation Record Keeping
First Aid Registration Process- Emergency/Standard/ Mental Health
E-Learning Admin Process (to follow)

Event Record Keeping Process (No Payment)

Event Record Keeping Process (Payment)

Financial Managed- Nationally Sponsored Trips
iMIS Updates - Member Files
Incoming Mail & Forms

Incomplete Forms Follow up Process

INQ & Tracking Process (to follow)

Link Member Registration Process

Lones Member Registration Process (to follow)

Major Events Hosting Criteria

Member Transfer Cancellation  Process

Nominations & Search Process

PRC Member Acceptance, Renewal, Expiry and Cancellation Process

PRC Non Member Renewal, Expiry and Cancellation Process

Provincial Member at Large Registration Process

Provincial On Loan Items Process

Safe Guide SG3 Standard Yellow/Red

Safe Guide SG3 Travel over 72 hrs

Safe Guide IT3 Travel over 72 hrs

Safe Guide Screening Reminder Process

Safe Guide SG8 Travel Pre-Authorization

Social Media Guidelines

Supplies & Usage Guidelines

Terms of Reference & Position Description Process

Third Party Relationship Inquiry Process

Transitioning Member (TMBR) Registration Process

Transitioning Member (TMBR) to Potential Member (PMBR)

Trefoil Registration Process

Walk in Paper Registration Process

Website Updating Process

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