Change Maker Award

A better world, by girls.

Guiding encourages each girl to be Everything She Wants to Be. From Sparks to Rangers, girls in Guiding do amazing things to make the world better. Through community service, friendship, advocacy and so much more, girls are a collective force of change makers!

Now is your opportunity to showcase what you or your friend in Guiding are doing to create a better world. Actions small or large, local or international, community based or far-reaching, are all deserving of recognition!

Nominate a Change Maker!

Nominate either yourself or a friend in Guiding for a Change Maker award!

Each of the 20 Change Maker award winners will receive an award pin and a certificate. Their stories will also be featured nationally throughout the Guiding community. All girls who are nominated will receive a letter of recognition from the Guiding Ambassador.

Nomination period: February 4 to March 17, 2019

Announcement date: June 2019

Nominate a Change Maker now!

Nomination Criteria and Award Requirements

  • Nominees must be a girl member.
  • Only girl members can submit a nomination – either nominating themselves or another girl member. Nominations made by adults will not be accepted. 
  • Please inform parents of girls 13 and under if you are nominating their daughter. If you are nominating a girl 14 or older, please inform her directly.
  • Finalists will be selected based on merit for their age.
  • Award recipients will be chosen by a selection committee consisting of both girl and adult members from across Canada.
  • By nominating someone, you permit GGC in its sole discretion to use your submission, or excerpts of the submission, along with the nominee’s first name, city, province and photo in any manner, without compensation.
  • All personal information collected will be used in accordance with GGC’s privacy policy. Submissions may be used by GGC for marketing/promotional materials, Canadian Guider magazine, newsletters, blog posts, media relations and on to promote the organization.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Can I nominate more than one girl?

A: Yes. You can nominate as many girl members as you would like. Each nomination needs to be done through a separate online submission.

Q: Can Guiders, adult members or parents make nominations?

A: No. Nominations can only be made by girl members. Nominations made by adults will not be accepted.

Q: How can a Guider, adult member or parent help a girl submit a nomination?

A: Adults can help girls by getting them to think and talk about how they take action for a better world. Submissions should always be in the words and voice of the girl, but these discussions can assist in understanding and focusing their ideas. Younger girls may need help with typing and completing their submission(s).

Q: I’m concerned about my daughter’s privacy. Can someone nominate my daughter without my knowledge?

A: The nominator must have the nominee’s permission and attest that the parent of the nominee, or the nominee herself if over the age of 14, is aware of the nomination before completing her submission. If a nominee becomes an award recipient, the recipient (ages 14 and older) or her parents (for girls ages 13 and under) will be contacted to ensure their consent for online posting.

Q: I am having technical difficulties with the nomination form. Who should I contact?

A: Please contact our service provider, Fluid Review, if you have any technical difficulties: If you require additional support, please contact

Q: Several of us worked together on a project. Can we submit a nomination for our unit?

A: No. The Change Maker awards highlight individual achievements. The nomination must name only one person. However, the nomination can address a group project or initiative.

Q: Can I submit my nomination in French?

A: Yes. A submission can be made in French. Select ‘Français’ in the top right corner of the application login page to access the French application.

Q: How are the recipients of the Change Maker award selected?

A: A selection committee made up of girl and adult members from across the country will review the submissions and select recipients for each branch based on how well nominees reflects the attributes of the award.

Q: How can I be part of the selection committee?

A: Please email including your name, iMIS number and the branch you represent. The minimum time commitment is approximately 4 hours. 


Please contact us at:
416-487-5281 ext. 263