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Girls First will be GGC’s new program. It will be launched and accessible to the entire field for the 2018/2019 Guiding year. To ensure it is the best it can be we are taking this upcoming year to visit with Girls, Guiders and other adult volunteers from each council area to hear firsthand feedback and insights. We will also implement a plan to support Girls and Guiders making the transition to the new program during the 2018/19 Guiding year.

Here is the latest update from your friendly Girls First team!

Last week Girls First headed to beautiful British Columbia. We stopped in Vancouver to meet with senior volunteers, parents, Girls, Guiders and staff to provide updates on how the new program is shaping up, and to collect thoughts and feedback from the field. Each person brought a unique perspective that will help to inform the program’s development. We also had the chance to learn from BC’s Museum and Archives Committee. They shared stories of Guiding in 1955 and were adamant that any new program “MUST BE FLEXIBLE!”

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On Sunday, we headed up to Smithers, BC to meet the Girls and the inspiring volunteers who are part of SOAR: BC’s well-known and super-organized Girl empowerment experience! It was incredible!

The team started with a meeting with BC’s camping adviser, international adviser, co-programming adviser, and Deputy PC. We spent over two hours going through the plans for the Girls First program model and the needed training and education supports. They provided terrific insights and feedback that will help to make the 2018 launch amazing.

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To inform program content development, Rochelle (Senior Manager, Programming) asked all members to vote on programming themes. We also collected dozens of magnificent ideas for new topics, and would love to hear about your favorite activity. Click here to submit the activities you love best. All of this feedback will help drive the direction of Girls First program design.

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Together with content, Khadijah (Manager, Program Delivery) was onsite to collect feedback from Girls and Guiders on what “the characteristics of an exceptional Guider” are. Here is what they told us:

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Khadijah also collected insights and feedback from Guiders and volunteers on what training and support they will need to help them make the exciting transition during the 2018/2019 Guiding year. Volunteers and Guiders were very open with their perspectives, one of which we’ve provided for you to see here.

We look forward to coming to your province this fall and hearing firsthand what your comments are on this new and very exciting program change that puts Girls “FIRST”! We know that without Guiders, we cannot be there for the Girls, which is why Content and Delivery teams are working hand in hand to develop something that is what both Girls and Guiders want and need.
Come back again! Bookmark this page for ongoing updates on Girls Frist program and training plans, starting this fall. Or feel free to reach out with questions or comments anytime at

Thank you!!!