The National Youth Council provides input and insights to Girl Guides of Canada's Board of Directions on the issues impacting girls' lives. Through consultation with other girls and youth, the council dives into what matters to girls and ensures that girls' voices and perspectives are front and centre in decisions shaping the future of Guiding.  

The National Youth consists of 9-12 Rangers from across Canada. Each spring, the Youth Council recruits for new members to join the Council. Want to find out more or connect with us? Email:

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Youth Leadership Opportunities and Training

How this training works:

The training is divided into 3 sections. Click on each section and continue to click through all of the icon buttons on each screen to complete the program. The buttons will either contain written information, take you to a link with info, videos or articles, or take you to a further interactive learning page. If you have any questions or comments - please contact

Become a Girl Assistant

A great way to develop your leadership skills is to work as a Girl Assistant. Girl Assistants are girl members (Guide, Pathfinder, or Ranger-aged girls) who assist Guiders in units at least two branches below them. For example, a Guide-aged assistant can only assist a Spark Unit; a Ranger-aged assistant can assist in a Guide, Brownie, or Spark unit.

Being a Girl Assistant will help you strengthen many different skills. You might learn…

  • How to help younger girls work together and explore techniques for resolving conflicts
  • New leadership skills as you plan and lead fun, educational programming
  • How to identify individual and group needs, balance different personalities and interests, and adapt the program

Girl Assistants may qualify for the Girl Assistant Certificate of Appreciation.

Talk to your own unit Guider or reach out to your province if you’re interested in becoming a Girl Assistant!

Current Projects

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Past Projects

Each year, the National Youth Council develops initiatives around ideas girls have identified as important and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors. Among the topics they've explored: marketing of Girl Guides, girls' survey, Indigenous issues and engagement, socioeconomic bridging, new merchandise, and transition-year programming. The Youth Council has also provided content and been highlighted in several GGC publications, blog posts and social media channels.

Stories of Youth Leadership