TD FEF Tree Planting Grant Program

Please check back later this Guiding year for more information.

All tree planting grants for the 2017-2018 Guiding year have now been awarded. Congratulations to all of the recipients! We are thrilled that approximately 100 units will be participating in tree planting activities again this year and taking an active role in transforming green spaces in their communities. Thank you to all applicants for their interest in the program, and to TD Friends of the Environment Foundation for their generous support. Please check back this fall for future opportunities to participate in this program.

Once again, we are excited to offer up to 90 tree planting grants for the 2017/2018 Guiding year through the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation (TD FEF) Tree Planting Grant Program. Both individual and multiple units working together can apply. Individual units are eligible to receive grants of $500. Units working together can qualify for grants of up to $2,500 and should submit one application, collaborate on event planning, and complete one final report. Projects need to be completed by August 31, 2018. Please note that we do not recommend projects to be planned during the summer months, as it is too hot and may impact the survival of the trees.

The TD FEF Tree Planting Grant Program offers girls and young women a hands-on way to raise their awareness of environmental issues while supporting them to transform green spaces in their communities. Through grants of up to $2,500 for girl-led tree planting and greening projects, this environmental initiative helps to bring girls and nature closer together as they make their communities greener and more liveable.

By participating in the program, girls will learn:

  • About the trees and shrubs native to their community and how they support the local ecosystem
  • How to plant trees and remove invasive species
  • The issues around climate change and how tree planting combats those issues
  • The importance of environmental stewardship
  • To connect with the earth through its most natural resources
  • How to plan a successful community event

Are you interested but not quite sure what's involved or how to get your planning started? Take a look at these helpful resources:

  • Quick How-To – provides you with an overview of steps to execute your tree planting project
  • Tree Planting Toolkit – provides you with detailed instructions on how to execute your tree planting project

Parameters and Important Grant Information

  • Funds can be used only for tree planting and the associated costs, such as planting materials (e.g. soil and mulch) and if necessary, the rental of planting equipment. We strongly recommend that you work with parents/guardians and any community partners to borrow all of the equipment you need.
  • Grant fund cheques will be made payable to a GGC bank account or for Ontario units, deposited into their GGC bank account.
  • It is expected that your planting activities focus primarily on planting trees and shrubs, not grasses, flowers or native plant species.
  • Grant funds cannot be used for the purchase of equipment needed to complete the planting, refreshments for your event or plaques to be placed at your planting site.
  • If you are going to be placing a plaque or sign using your own unit funds, please contact before doing so to ensure brand consistency.
  • A Report Form should be submitted within four weeks of planting, along with itemized receipts, images, and an Image Submission Form
  • Any leftover funds should be used towards the future maintenance of the planted trees

Grant Levels

Grants will be awarded to qualifying units based on the following table. Units working together can apply for up to the maximum indicated based on the number of units participating in the planting.

Number of units participating Maximum grant level
(can apply up to)
1 $500
2 $1,000
3 $1,500
4 $2,000
5+ $2,500

Important note: The grant levels are only the maximum; you can apply for less than that amount.  

Benefits of applying with multiple units:

  • More units mean more girls, more trees, and more fun! It also means there are more Guiders and parents to help plan and execute your tree planting event.
  • A great bridging opportunity – units from all branches can participate in this fun and meaningful program. You may even plan a district event!
  • Less paperwork! Submit one application, one report and image submission form for the whole project no matter how many units take part.

The 2017-2018 Tree Planting Grant applications are now closed.

Your completed application form should be sent to:

Email: Mail:
Subject line: Tree Planting Grant
Tree Planting Grant
Programming Department
50 Merton St
Toronto ON M4S 1A3

You will receive a confirmation email upon submitting your application, with information on next steps.

Additional resources: