BC Council and Commissioners Resources

BC Council and Commissioners' Resources

National Resources

Girl Protection and Self-Harm
Girls First
Guiding Essentials
Inclusivity and Accessibility
Insurance (including incident reports)
Membership Procedures
National Terms of Reference and Position Descriptions
Real Property Procedures
Safe Guide
Strategic Plan

BC Resources

AGM Process for ACs (PDF)
BC Council Annual Report
BC Council Information (PDF)
BC Council Meeting Etiquette (PDF)
BC Council Organizational Chart (PDF)
BC Council Standards (PDF)
BC Gaming Licence Approval Process April 2018 (Word)
BC Nominations Process (PDF)
Changes to Boundaries, Names and Units (PDF)
Contracts (PDF)
Form Retention Schedule (Word)
Land Acknowledgement - Vancouver (PDF)
Map of BC Areas (PDF)
Provincial Events (TBD)

BC Committee Handbooks

Awards (TBD)
Camping (TBD)
Finance (TBD)
International (TBD)
Membership (TBD)
Program (TBD)
Properties (TBD)
Public Relations (TBD)
Training (TBD)

BC Position Descriptions

Area Commissioner
iMIS Specialist (PDF)
Link Liaison (PDF)
Membership Committee - Secretary (PDF)
Membership Committee - Membership Support (PDF)
Screening Liaison (PDF)
Trefoil Liaison (PDF)
Waitlist Manager (PDF)

BC Terms of Reference

Archives and Museum Committee (PDF)
Camping Committee (PDF)
Finance Committee (PDF)
Generic Terms of Reference (PDF)
International Committee (PDF)
Membership Committee (PDF)
Operations Committee (PDF)
Program Committee (PDF)
Public Relations Committee (PDF)
Training Committee (PDF)
Youth Forum (PDF)
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