Director on The Board Of Directors

Position Description


Girl Guides of Canada–Guides du Canada (GGC) enables girls to be confident, resourceful and courageous, and to make a difference in the world.


To champion GGC's Mission, Vision, values and principles, to govern and steward GGC, and be accountable for the viability of GGC.


Board Chair


Directors of the Board (Board):

  1. Are committed to the Mission, Vision, values and principles, and act in the best interests of the organization as a whole, rather than a particular constituency
  2. Advance the Guiding Movement in Canada through the creation of long-term vision for growth and sustainability
  3. Contribute to Board work for the purpose of:
    1. providing governance oversight and direction
    2. participating in review, approval and compliance monitoring of governance policies
    3. determining strategic priorities and approving and monitoring progress on the
      Strategic Plan
    4. stewardship of intellectual property and brand, financial assets, real property, and all other assets
  4. Prepare for and participate in meetings by:
    1. exercising due diligence in all Board deliberations by reading all provided material and seeking clarification and/or the history of an issue
    2. actively participating in deliberations and decisions by expressing a diversity of viewpoints during the discussion and debate, making decisions in the best interests of GGC, respecting the Board's decision-making processes, and the majority decision of the Board once made
    3. respecting the confidentiality of the Board's affairs, as appropriate
  5. Support all decisions of the Board by speaking with one voice
  6. Promote awareness of and respect for GGC
  7. Promote and support fund development initiatives including personal donation
  8. Represent the Chief Commissioner when requested to do so
  9. May Chair or sit on Board Committees or Task Forces, as assigned
  10. May not exercise individual authority over the organization except as explicitly set forth in Board Policies
  11. Identify in conjunction with the Chief Commissioner any personal learning needs she may have in relation to her Board role(s) and establish a plan to meet these needs, as well as identifying any general or specific learning needs the Board as a whole may have
  12. Participate actively in the ongoing search for volunteers to work at the national level
  13. Participate in performance review processes as required
  14. Participate in the Board assessment process

Refer to DICA decision matrix for support and guidance on Decision-making and
Implementation, and stakeholder Consultation and Advisement as appropriate.

Additional Requirements as a Board Director:

  1. Ability to exercise critical, analytical, strategic thinking and decision-making skills
  2. Ability to separate issues of governance from operational issues
  3. Ability to work with a nation-wide team and maintain a national perspective in consultations
  4. Strong leadership skills
  5. Strong communication, listening and interpersonal skills with ability to communicate effectively via teleconference, email, and social media
  6. Strong writing skills
  7. Extensive knowledge of GGC and the ability to see and appreciate issues in context of the nation-wide picture


  • Directors shall be elected for a period of three years; a Director shall retire at the end of this term, but shall be eligible for re-election after a period of one year
  • Directors may not hold additional positions as detailed in Conflict of Interest Policy 01-14-01

Application Deadline: Friday, February 24, 2017

Complete the online Application Form and e-mail your resume to: Elissa Hermolin, Executive Assistant, Volunteer Recruitment at