Canadian Guider magazine is looking for a creative and enthusiastic Ranger to join our editorial committee. You’ll be part of the team that helps develop the story and content ideas for each issue of the magazine. This is a great way to combine your creativity and enthusiasm for Guiding while being part of a national team and developing lots of great skills for your resume.

 As a member of the Canadian Guider magazine editorial committee, you’ll be doing things like:

  • Working with the other members of the editorial committee (GGC adult members and staff) to come up with story and content ideas for each issue of Canadian Guider
  • Pitching the kinds of story ideas that Rangers and Guiders will want to read
  • Helping create content ideas that:
    • Provide practical ideas and tips for girl-driven programming and the kind of programming girls want to do
    • Showcase the ways that Guiding makes a positive impact on girls
    • Address issues relevant to Rangers and Guiders and their involvement in Guiding
    • Provides a platform for girls’ voices to be heard
  • Making sure the magazine truly reflects the interests and concerns of girls in Guiding
  • Ensuring the magazine reflects a diverse range of voices and experiences within Canadian Guiding
  • Have the opportunity on occasion to write articles if you want!

  Who would make a great member of the Canadian Guider team? Someone who:

  • Has a ton of initiative, creativity, open-mindedness and enthusiasm
  • Loves to brainstorm ideas with a diverse group and work together to come up with a final concept
  • Loves Guiding and how it helps girls to be everything she wants to be
  • Wants to bring their Guiding involvement to the next level
  • Is interested in developing the kinds of skills that will give their resume and post-secondary applications a boost – from teamwork and communication to leadership and more

Other details

  • The committee’s work is largely done via email and teleconference. The editorial committee meets three times a year via teleconference to plan the Winter, Spring and Fall issues of the magazine.   
  • The term for this position is a minimum of one-year, with the option to renew for a second year if the selected candidate is still a GGC Ranger member.

Note: You can check out recent issues of Canadian Guider online at:

Application deadline: Friday, March 22

Please complete the online Ranger - Editorial Committee Application Form.

Questions? Email Mary Vincent (