Canada's 150th Anniversary

Everyone loves a good party and this time it’s Canada’s turn to have the biggest party of them all! In 2017, Canada will mark its sesquicentennial anniversary – how will your unit celebrate the 150th? This instant meeting is designed with a party in mind. From the traditional celebratory elements to silly party games, this meeting has everything you need to throw an awesome celebration with the girls. Prior to your meeting, you can decorate your space with balloons or streamers and plan to end with some sweet treats. The girls can even decorate themselves and wear their favourite pieces of Canadiana, including their Guiding ties.

Date: July 1, 2017 (Events running all year!)

Duration: Approximately 1 hour depending on activities selected.


As with all great anniversaries, this one also comes with a gift. The national office will be subsidizing the Canada’s 150th crest, offering it to members at the low price of of $1.50/crest. Happy anniversary, Canada! You can find it at

Core Programming Connections

  • Sparks – Being Me Keeper, In My Community Keeper, Going Outside Keeper
  • Brownies – Key to Me: Who Am I, I Feel Proud; Key to My Community: My Neighbourhood, Proud to be Canadian, Our Flag and Our National Anthem; Key to Active Living: Outdoor Action
  • Guides – Discovering You: Discover What’s Important to You; Beyond You: Discover Your Community
  • Pathfinders – Creating Your Future: Follow that Woman, Be a Model Citizen; A World to Discover: Canada at your Doorstep
  • Rangers – Community Connections #1, 4, 5, 13, 18

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