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Girls First is Girl Guides of Canada’s brand-new program for girls ages 5 to 17. The program empowers every girl in Guiding with the tools to navigate her world through fun, relevant, girl-driven activities and experiences.

A new way for girls to explore what matters to them

The Girls First program puts every girl in the driver's seat by allowing her to customize her Guiding experience and track her achievements through a digital platform.  Working with a team of other girls, girls choose the exciting hands-on activities that interest them the most, becoming more empowered as they move through the program. With engaging options ranging from innovative STEM activities to outdoor adventures and discussions on mental health and healthy relationships, girls can customize their Guiding experience as they dive into the topics relevant to them.

A program that allows every girl to be everything she wants to be

While how our members access programming is changing, the heart of Guiding remains unchanged – a safe, supportive and inclusive space where girls can explore what matters to them. Girls and Guiders asked for digital access to program content, but Guiding is not about being online – the unit meetings are where the real magic happens and don't require devices or data. Through Girls First, girls can take the lead and jump into a range of empowering girl-driven activities – all with the support of women mentors committed to positively impacting girls' lives. 

Through Girls First, girls can explore the following program areas:

Guide Together – What it means to be part of Guiding in Canada and the global Guiding Movement.

Explore Identities – Discovering the power of their true selves as they develop their confidence and self-esteem. 

Build Skills – Providing the building blocks in areas such as financial know-how, and leadership to help girls succeed in life.

Be Well – Physical and mental wellbeing for girls and building healthy relationships.

Experiment and Create – Discovering the world of innovation and creativity.

Connect and Question – Girls discovering the communities and world they live in.

Take Action – Empowering girls to use their voice, put their ideas into action and make a difference.

This year units will be transitioning to the new program. Wondering about how to transition to the new program? It's totally flexible and up to girls and their unit to decide what works best for them. Check out all the options for making the transition.

Helpful Resources   

Introduction to the Girl Program – a summary of the new program areas and themes and how you can earn badges!

All About Girls First e-modules – learn more about Girls First program

Learn how to navigate the Girls First program platform: For Girls | For Volunteers and Adults

Digital platform handout for girls and parents

FAQs – find answers to all your Girls First questions!

Are you a volunteer? You'll find lots more Girls First resources on Member Zone.

Explore the Girls First Platform

To login, girls and volunteers will need:

  • Their iMIS/membership number
  • First and last name as it appears in iMIS (our membership database)
  • A unique email address to use as your login (only used for password resets)

Girls - don't know your iMIS number? Check with your Unit Guider or login to our registration site to find your iMIS number.

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